ALDI is looking to extend its Alloa store as it seeks to consolidate the business in the area.

The supermarket chain has lodged plans with Clackmannanshire Council for a “modest extension” to the existing store at Whins Road to provide more goods and upgrade equipment.

If approved, the store will also come with a modern, more environmentally friendly and quieter ventilation and refrigeration plant, incorporating heat recovery technology.

A planning statement attached to the application explained the extension, which would increase sales floor space by 368sqm, would also coincide with the current reconfiguration of the chain's stores.

If approved, the works will include internal refurbishment with chillers, freezers and shelving replaced.

The building would be extended to the south-east and south-west while the parking area would also be reconfigured.

The planning statement said: “The resultant changes to the store layout inside the building will improve the shopping experience for customers, such as the addition of the new shelving and chillers as mentioned above, as well as an improved number of products for sale.”

Car parking spaces at the store would be increased by seven, going up to 97.

Four electric vehicle charging points as well as click and collect spaces are also proposed.

Not part of the plans seeking approval, the application also highlights where an already permitted Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) reverse vending unit would be located.

This will be used for the collection of plastic and glass bottles as well as steel and aluminium cans, ensuring the supermarket meets its legal duties to implement the DRS by July next year.

According to the plans, the plant proposed for the store includes technology such as heat recovery, which recycles waste-heat from chillers to keep the building warm.

However, the application said some tree removals will be needed as the project includes a pathway for maintenance access to the plant.

Proposed is the removal of 24 trees, eight of which have already been recommended for removal due to their condition.

The planning statement prepared on behalf of the supermarket chain added: “Aldi is already well established at Whins Road, Alloa, and intends to make further investment at this location.

“Their proposals for a modest extension to the existing store represents a commitment to improve the retail facilities, improve operational efficiency and sustainability, invest in the local economy and consolidate their business in Alloa.”