SCHOOL pupils from across the country are being invited to Dollar to take part in an educational initiative as part of Sustainable Fashion Week.

The partnership between FIDA (the Futures Institute at Dollar Academy) and SFW provides three distinct opportunities for pupils to explore the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and to design their own fashion pieces in response, guided by an impressive array of industry professionals.

It is a collaboration with Alva Academy with both Clackmannanshire schools embracing the region's history as an important centre of textile manufacturing.

All FIDA courses, events and challenges are open for any school pupil to participate free of charge.

Ian Munro, rector of Dollar Academy and founder of FIDA, said: "Given the sustainability challenges faced by the fashion industry, I am delighted that we have been able to collaborate with Sustainable Fashion Week and other external partners to begin to consider some of the associated solutions and opportunities.

"Clackmannanshire, the birthplace of FIDA, has a rich heritage in textile manufacturing, so it seems entirely fitting that we would explore these issues, and I am delighted that we are doing so as part of a joint initiative with Alva Academy."

Two creative challenges – Upcycling Jeans and Equilibrium – were launched on Monday, September 13.

Within the Upcycling Jeans challenge, young people will explore the environmental impact of denim and textile waste and will then transform an old pair of jeans from their family wardrobe into something new.

To help them, they will access insightful video content from Siobhan McKenna, founder of sustainable fashion brand ReJean Denim, and video tutorials from current students studying Design at London College of Fashion.

In the Equilibrium challenge, participants will explore the concept of 'equilibrium' in contexts from biodiversity and social justice to Japanese art.

The third event is Fashion Forward – a free online public event to be held on Thursday, September 23 at 3.30pm – which will feature a panel of sustainable fashion pioneers who will speak about their work and then open the floor to questions.

Scott McEwan, headteacher at Alva Academy, added: "We are delighted to be working with FIDA on this exciting project.

"It is a fantastic platform for our young people to showcase their creative skills and make a difference to a cause that is so important to their generation.

"The opportunity to work with others and tap into the expertise of our partners will be invaluable to our young people."

Visit to take part in the creative challenges.