ALLOA boss Barry Ferguson said his side deserved their victory over Falkirk and is happy to now have competition for places.

The Wasps put in an impressive performance against Falkirk and defeated the Bairns 2-0 with goals from debutant Euan Henderson and former Falkirk striker Conor Sammon.

Ferguson said: “I thought we deserved it. Last 10 or so minutes we tired. That’s natural because we only train two nights a week so when you come up against a full-time team you know their fitness is going to come strong towards the end of the game. But, I don’t think there’s any doubt we deserved the win."

Before half-time the gaffer was forced to replace both Alan Trouten and Steven Boyd; however, that didn't stop his side picking up three points.

“It’s not ideal," he said. "I lost Stefan Scougall as well, who’s been a massive player for me. I lost him before the game so I had to reshuffle [90 minutes] before.

"With Trouts having to come off [after] pulling his hamstring again and then Boydy, his chest was tight so I’m not going to take any chances.

"That makes it even sweeter because you’ve got to play a few people out of position but the energy levels of my players and their commitment levels were phenomenal."

On the scoresheet was Henderson who Ferguson has been working hard to sign, and admits he may need to bring in more.

He continued: "I’ve been trying for three or four weeks to bring somebody of that quality in and thankfully the chairman backed me to go and do it. We might need to go back into the market because we’re at the bare bones.

"I thought overall, not just Euan, I thought the two central midfielders, Adam King and Senna (Mouhamed Niang) were brilliant, but overall I thought it was a real good, solid team performance.

"I think they can play better at times, but, look, it’s still early – we’re still working on a lot of things. It doesn’t happen overnight."

Ferguson said he's had scouts watching Falkirk but clearly has faith in the ability of his own squad.

He said: "I’ve had Falkirk watched a few times; they’re a good team, no doubt about it, but we’re a good team – that’s what I say to my boys: we’ve got good players, and if we play we’ll be a match for the big teams in this league."

One observation amongst fans will be the absence of captain Andy Graham from the starting line-up.

Having been on the bench for the last two games, Ferguson said: "I’ve got a decision to make. I left quite a few out [on Saturday], I’ve got decisions to make, that’s why I want 18 or 19 players, I don’t want any guarantees that people are going to play week-in, week-out.

"That’s the way it should be and that’s the way it will be going forward.

Ferguson also praised Fernandy Mendy, who put in another impressive performance.

The manager added: “He’s got to play well, they’ve [Mendy and Durnan] got to play well because they’ve got Andy and [Craig] Howie so I’ve got four players vying for two positions.

"Sometimes I might go to a back three, but I just felt last week those two were really good together and I thought Nando, apart from the mistake at the end, I thought he was solid.

"Durnan has been really solid too, obviously, I’ve got two real good centre backs as well so it’s good competition for places, I like that."