A GROUP of friends have organised a fundraiser to pay for the funeral of their friend who was “an amazing boy.”

Steven Alexander Robertson died recently after being diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The 19-year-old only had around four weeks of chemotherapy left and doctors were pleased with the progress he had been making.

However, Steven’s organs began to fail and he passed away on Monday, September 13.

Within days of the Tullibody teenager’s death, his friends created a fundraiser page to raise the money needed to pay for his funeral.

At the time of writing, the page has raised more than its £5,000 goal.

Callum Taylor, Steven’s best friend, set up the page and said he’d do anything to get him what he deserves.

He said: “He would never fail to put a smile on anybody’s face, especially at parties.

“He was just amazing. He never, ever – through all this – asked for anyone’s help, he didn’t dwell on anything.

"He was just an amazing boy. I loved him so much.”

Callum continued: “Me and Steven used to argue all the time, being wee boys we argued all the time and then we became the best of pals, [like] brothers.

“He was the closest person to me and I was the closest person to him. We just became brothers over the years.

“Everybody loved him, he was really close to my family; me, my mum and my sister.”

Despite only being live for a little more a week, Callum isn’t surprised by how much money the page has raised.

He added: “It just shows how loved and liked he was.

“I’ll miss speaking to him every day of my life, I’ll miss him annoying me every day.

"His voice, his wee face, his wee cheesy smile. I’ll miss everything about him."

David Mclean, another of Steven’s friends, said the Clacks teen was “like a big brother” to him.

He said: “I grew up with him, he used to stay around the corner from me. We all grew up with him, he’s one of our best pals.

“He was like a big brother to me.

“I’ve never seen someone have such a brave face, he never complained once. Everything that got thrown at him he went through it, he was always happy-go-lucky.

“He liked a party, wherever you sat with him you were guaranteed a laugh. The patter he had, nobody else was like him.

“The laughs – that’s what I’ll miss most.”

Visit tinyurl.com/jvbyyu22 to donate to the fundraiser for Steven’s funeral.