A RESTAURANT that could have been forced to close its doors on Monday due to lack of business was fully booked last weekend following a public appeal.

Jason Lawrence took charge of the Tartan Rooster in Kincardine last year and made an urgent plea to the public last week to help them keep their doors open.

Now the owner hopes their fortunes have turned around with spaces booking up quickly for the next couple of weeks too.

Following the busy weekend, Jason said: "Momentum has picked up across the village and now to a wider audience too.

"We were fully booked at the weekend and already we're fully booked for Saturday and other days have picked up too.

"Business Insider in America picked up the story too and we've had a lot of a support from other places too, with people asking if they could buy vouchers or pay for someone else.

"The reaction has been great and now I'm busy trying to get back to everyone."

When asking for support last week Jason explained how he couldn't understand how the restaurant had over 2,000 likes, five-star reviews on Facebook, Trip Advisor and Google, a new menu, reduced prices, renovation and yet still not enough customers to keep them open.

He warned the Tartan Rooster would shut its doors for good on September 27 unless they had a good weekend and continued growth.

"I'm happy that the message has achieved what what it was meant to do," Jason said.

"Now we need to see if people will come back we're not hitting the headlines.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook, loads of notifications on social media and walk-ins.

"The weekend has put a bit of weight off our shoulders so we don't have to worry for the next couple of weeks."

Jason started in the kitchen at Faodail, on Excise Street, and worked his way up to front-of-house and then supervisor, helped by taking a number of courses via Babcock.

Unfortunately, the co-owner’s ill health led to the business closing and the sous chef took over in early 2020, changing the name to the Tartan Rooster and coming up with a new menu, before getting a new job.

He signed the business over to Jason who grew up in Kincardine and didn't want to see the business leave the town.

Jason, 21, added: "I'm just glad people responded. It's a great atmosphere when we're full.

"With more people in we know we can work with a high capacity too while maintaining high standards."