AN INTREPID Alloa adventurer, who recently circumnavigated the UK in a solo charity sailing voyage, was this month honoured at an international boat show.

Murdoch McGregor, who completed his round the UK journey at the age of 82 for Mental Health UK, was invited to speak at this year's Southampton International Boat Show.

The Alloa man gave an account of his journey in front of the crowd on Saturday, September 18.

Speaking ahead of Murdoch, who was hailed as an inspiration upon the completion of his voyage earlier in August, was 14-year-old Katie McCabe from Devon.

Katie was also on a round the UK voyage the same time as Murdoch, but she was completing the circuit in the opposite direction.

The duo had met at Oban and Murdoch was inspired by her sailing talent.

Indeed, since then Katie has been confirmed as the youngest person ever to have completed the feat.

While unconfirmed and still required to be ratified, many in the sailing and boating world believe Murdoch may be the eldest person to complete a solo sail around the UK.

The duo had been pictured together when they met in Oban, but have never been seen at a public appearance.

Murdoch told the Advertiser: “I recalled her form the audience, up she came and it blew the roof off the place.

“I told the audience: 'This is history, the first ever boat show that the oldest person and the youngest person to circumnavigate the UK are on stage together'.

“It was a rapturous applause to that one!”

Overall, Murdoch's presentation went down well with the boat show audience.

He said: “It was just an honour to be there.

“I went there feeling I was representing every solo sailor, my club mates down at Forth Cruising Club in Limekilns, I was representing my family and friends.”

Musing, he added: “And I also went along there representing everybody that has a bus pass – that went down well, I got a big cheer for that one, representing the older brigade.”

Murdoch completed his 1,900 nautical mile challenge on his trusty Hunter 23 boat, called Artemis and previously paid tribute to the vessel saying that “she's a wee boat, but a big-big performer”.

At the show, he met up with the president and committee from the Hunter Association, open to anyone who owns or sails Hunter boats.

He was given an honorary membership and memorabilia to take away in what was another honour for the Alloa man, who only started sailing at the age of 72.

As to whether Murdoch is the oldest to have completed a solo sailing circumnavigation, this still needs to be officially validated.

Murdoch said: “When I left the thought that I would be the oldest never even entered my head.

“If it comes, it comes but I was just going out for a sail!”

The Alloa man's fundraiser at for Mental Health UK stands at an incredible £10,485 and is due to be finished soon.