A CLACKS taxi driver who has shown remorse and followed every procedure after a low-speed collision with a cyclist has last week seen his license renewed.

David Lee appeared at last week's Clackmannanshire Council Regulatory Committee, seeking to renew his taxi drivers license.

The case went in front of a panel of councillors as Mr Lee was involved in a "very low speed" collision with a cyclist in Alloa while ferrying a fare paying passenger.

According to the narrative given to the committee, the incident occurred around a year ago at 11.20am on September 22 and resulted in the cyclist fracturing their wrist.

In subsequent court proceedings, Mr Lee pleaded guilty to a careless driving offence, incurring a fine of £100 and three points on his driving license.

The committee heard the incident appears to have occurred as a result of a momentary lapse in concentration and that the applicant has no other convictions.

A Police Scotland sergeant present at the meeting confirmed the force reviewed the application and had no objections.

Representing himself, Mr Lee told the committee that this was an “unfortunate incident” and a “complete accident” due to a “momentary slip in concentration”.

He said: “I pulled out slowly and he's collided with my back door and unfortunately – it wasn't fast but the way he fell – he's fractured his wrist.

“It was really not a nice moment, obviously, but I was out there, helped him as much as I could, went through the proper procedure, it wasn't a very good moment for myself.

“Never been there before, 18 years, never had anything like this.

“But, I believe that I'm a pretty good driver generally, it was very much a [lapse] in concentration, which I put my hands up to and I apologised.”

The taxi driver added that he now pays more attention to cyclists.

He was required to notify the local authority upon being charged and convicted and while elected members would often deliberate cases in private before announcing an outcome, councillors did not feel it was necessary in this instance.

Councillor Chris Dixon said: “As committee members know I tend to be a stickler for people following the rules regarding notifying us.

“What strikes me in this case is that the applicant has done everything required of him at every stage and from [the civil licensing standards officer's] report there: more than [what was required].

“And so, I don't have any doubts as to whether this is a fit and proper person and I'd move that the application be granted.”

Cllr Kenny Earle concurred.

He said: “I think Mr Lee has shown contrition for the accident, it was a momentary lapse in concentration, he has followed the correct and proper procedures, more so than any applicant that's come before the committee in all the time that I've been on the committee.

“I have absolutely no reason to object to this application.”

Indeed, the renewal of Mr Lee's license was unanimously agreed.