Nicola Sturgeon will giver her weekly update to Parliament today following the introduction of vaccine passports in certain settings last week. 

The Scottish government came under fire when people reported problems using the NHS Scotland Covid Status App after its release on Thursday. 

Vaccine passports is just one of a number of changes introduced over the past seven days, with new travels rules coming into effect from Monday. 

Scotland announced last month that it would maintain a four nation approach to travel despite initial hesitancy to do so. 

It means that the same rules apply to international travel wherever in the UK you are visiting. 

Here's everything you need to know about today's update including what the first minister might say...

What time is Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today?

Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update will take place today at around 2:15pm. 

The exact timing of the announcement will depend on the previous three items on the agenda running to time. 

How can I watch Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today?

You can watch the first minister's Covid update on Scottish Parliament TV. 

Alternatively it will be streamed live on the Scottish government's social media platforms and the SNP will live tweet the statement. 

The briefing will also be broadcast live on the BBC Scotland channel from 2:15pm. 

What will Nicola Sturgeon say today?

The first minister will as always provide an update on the figures, as well as the progress in vaccination. 

She is als likely to touch on the implementation of the vaccine passport scheme and perhaps the new status app. 

Following Nicola Sturgeon's statement there will be a ministerial update on the Covid Recovery Strategy, so the first minister may indicate in her speech what this strategy may include.