Nicola Sturgeon's weekly update to Parliament took place this afternoon following the introduction of the vaccine passport scheme in Scotland on Friday. 

Covid cases in Scotland have fallen in recent weeks, which is due immune response from both vaccination and an element of people being infected with Covid, according to the first minister. 

The Scottish government was criticised last week after many people had problems with downloading the NHS Scotland Covid Status app. 

Changes to the rules surrounding international travel also came into force as Scotland chose to participate in a four nations approach.

It means that the same rules will apply wherever you travel in the UK. 

As Scotland continues its journey towards post pandemic recovery, here's what we learned from Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today...

1. No changes to the current rules

The first minister confirmed that there would be no changes to the "albeit, limited regulations" still in place in Scotland. 

This is because, according to the first minister, the numbers have continued to fall. 

However, she also said that despite falling cases, the infection rate still remains relatively high which is of concern as we head into the winter months. 

It is for this reason that the current limited measures, such as mask wearing, will remain in place in Scotland. 

Explaining this, the first minister said: "the level of infection, though falling, remains relatively high and so we consider that it is prudent at this stage, as we approach winter, to keep in place the remaining mitigations, face coverings for example, for a further period."

2. Covid cases in Scotland remain steady

A total of 2,056 daily cases were recorded today, a slight increase on yesterday's figures which were below 2,000.

The "significant and sustained fall" in cases is now being reflected in the number of hospital admissions, according to the first minister. 

As a result, Nicola Sturgeon continues to remain optimistic about the general downward trend in numbers, following a period of daily figures topping 6,000 throughout August and early September. 

Describing this as a relief, she said: "Given that cases are continuing to fall, we hope and expect that the number of people in hospital will decline further. We also expect that the number of people dying from Covid will reduce."

3. School mitigation measures such as mask wearing in class under review

The mitigation measures currently in place in schools are under review, particularly whether pupils will continue to have to wear masks in schools after the October break. 

The body conducting the review is expected to come to a decision on such measures later this afternoon and will then advise the Scottish government.

The first minister added that "should they advise that any easing is possible following the October half-term, the Scottish Government will consider this carefully and advise schools of any changes as soon as possible."

4. Acknowledgement of initial problems with Covid status app

Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged the problems releated to the app, particularly the issues downloading vaccination status on Thursday and Friday, and apologised.  

Explaining the source of the problem, the first minister said:"Essentially the high level of demand after the launch of the app – combined with an error in one part of the NHS system – meant that information wasn’t being sent quickly enough from the NHS system to the app."

She added: "Indeed, I can report that the initial backlog of people waiting for their information to be matched had been cleared by Saturday lunchtime."

5. Urge to get a copy of your vaccine passport

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that although initially the app faced significant problems, it now works well. 

She therefore encouraged everyone to download or order their vaccine passport as soon as possible.