A FUNDRAISING drive is well underway to raise enough money to turn on the Christmas lights in Tullibody.

Every year the Tron Court is given a festive makeover with lights, a Christmas tree and a visit from Santa Claus to get everyone in the spirit.

Michele Donegan, Louise Whelan, Lynsey O'Mailley and Ann O’Neil Ferguson are currently in the process of raising enough money to bring the magic to Tullibody once again this year.

They run the Tullibody Events group and organise fun days and fundraising events for the local community.

Last year, despite the pandemic, financial worries and the second lockdown in the winter months, the group were still able to raise £3,000.

However, this year the group are still well short of their target and are hoping people will donate some money to help light up the Tron Court once again.

Michele said: “Last year we had just over 300 numbers sold so that was a big £3,000 fundraised for us.

“This year, we’re sitting well short and I’m a bit gutted because the momentum last year was fantastic, people were really supportive.

“We did put on the lights last year but we couldn’t do an event because of the Covid-19 restrictions but this year we are hoping to put on a wee event for the community.”

The 300 numbers that Michele refers to are raffle tickets, which the group sell to raise the funds.

This year there are some fantastic prizes on offer, including spa vouchers, hampers, takeaway vouchers and much more.

Michele explained how her drive for the community to have such an event comes from her childhood and wanting her kids to experience what she did.

She continued: “A couple of years ago there was a possibility that the lights wouldn’t go on. I have three children of my own and when I grew up and Santa came around on Christmas Eve it was really special.

“I just think how sad it would be to go down to the Tron at Christmas Eve and there was no tree or lights.

“It was so nice the year before.”

The sale of raffle tickets will end on October 31 with the live draw set to take place on November 1.

Visit facebook.com/tullibodyevents for a full prize list or to buy tickets.