IT'S not every day that Hollywood comes calling to the Wee County looking to commission an original song for an upcoming movie.

Stevie McCrorie will soon add 'has written for the silver screen' on his growing list of achievements when Daddy Daughter Trip is released in early 2022.

A few months ago the Alva man was sitting on Zoom chatting to Patricia Maya Schneider and her husband Rob – known for his roles in Deuce Bigalow, Home Alone 2, Judge Dredd, Grown Ups and The Hot Chick.

Patricia penned the script for the upcoming movie Daddy Daughter Trip, with Rob directing and starring in the lead role.

It was a surreal moment for the singer, who admits to being a fan of the actor's films growing up.

"They've been fans for years," McCrorie told the Advertiser. "They stumbled across my blind audition on YouTube and that led them on to my own stuff.

"Patricia messaged me in May this year and we were chatting away. She said that maybe we'll work together one day.

"I never really thought much more about it until they came back and asked me to write a song for the film they had just wrapped.

"They sent me the script and I read it – I felt inspired to write something and wrote a verse and chorus, pretty much, that night.

"I called the song Time Machine; Rob plays an inspiring inventor in the film. I'm really excited for it.

"I spoke to him a few times on Zoom and that was just so random.

"I've been in a few weird situations in the past, so I supposed I'm used to them. But, still, to be sitting in my converted garage and writing a song for a Hollywood movie is just a weird feeling."

While delighted to have been asked to write the tune, McCrorie feels it was a perfect tonic for him at the time.

He added: "It was just a huge piece of positivity that I needed at the time. With everything going on, it was a reminder that this is what I do.

"And it's not until you start getting involved in something like that you realise how much you miss it."

"It's cool to be working on a song for a movie; it's a father-daughter film as well, so that suited me right down to a tee. It's a comedy, but there are some emotional parts to it.

"I've never wrote specifically for anything, or anyone. It's always just been for myself, so it was a bit different.

With restrictions having eased a couple of months ago, McCrorie fell back into the swing of things with a handful of live shows.

Up next is a massive headliner gig at Alloa Town Hall – a venue he has sold out twice in the past, with the hat-trick now in sight.

He takes to the stage on Saturday, November 6, with Alloa's Kieran Fisher and Carly Connor providing the support on the night.

The gig will cap a busy period for McCrorie, while providing a big night out for the county at the same time.

He said: "I had about seven gigs at the end of the summer, there. A lot of them came out of nowhere – I even went up to the Armadillo to support Rick Astley.

"Vibration Festival in Falkirk was great as well; the place was rammed. It was great to see so many folk coming to see me, especially after so long.

"It was great to get a wee run of gigs and helps us prepare for the Alloa Town Hall show. It's a good bill with Kieran and Carly as well.

"Hopefully, we'll get a good crowd in again on the night. I'm dying to get out and play a set for everyone again. I've missed it. "

Tickets for the Alloa Town Hall show are on sale now at