KARL RENNIE had the biggest smile in the world on his face on Saturday afternoon.

As chairman of Sauchie Juniors, he had just watched his club make history as they defeated Dunipace 2-1 to seal their progress into the third round of the Scottish Cup.

Before the match, donning a shirt and tie, Rennie was in the car park directing a bus around a tight bend. That’s just the kind of club Sauchie is; everyone helps out where they can.

Asked how he was feeling after the final whistle, Rennie said: “Absolutely delighted, I can’t put words on it.

"The players were out there and done what they done on the park, everybody in the crowd that’s here, even the young ones from the development teams, it’s all for them, everything we asked them to do on the park they done it.

“It’s fantastic for Sauchie, fantastic. We can only look forward to what’s coming.”

On the footballing side, Saturday’s result was historic. It was the first ever Scottish Cup game played at Beechwood Stadium, and the team progressed to the next round. However, it can’t be emphasised enough how much this result will help the club from a financial standpoint.

“It’s massive,” Rennie continued. “As everyone knows the ground improvements we’re doing, strengthening the team, finish the improvements we’re working on and try to make Sauchie a better experience for anybody that comes to visit.

“[We’ll make it] better for the team on the park and that’s the way forward.”

Throughout the past 18 months, when the various lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions dismantled Sauchie’s season, a group of individuals banded together to make improvements to the club, ensuring the standards required to get an SFA license were met and Rennie wanted to thank every single person who lent a helping hand.

“This is the reward,” Rennie continued. “To be honest the club wouldn’t be where it is right now without those volunteers.

“The guys have worked endlessly as everybody sees, the improvements to the ground over the last three years is fantastic and it’s down to these guys and their effort, their passion and their commitment to help Sauchie.”