PERFORMERS will return to the stage at the Alman Dramatic Club this month for the first time in almost two years.

The club will be taking its first tentative steps to reopen the Coach House Theatre after closing the doors at the initial lockdown in March 2020.

Indeed, the group had been on the verge of the opening their new production Whisky Galore when Covid-19 restrictions were brought in.

As a result, they had to abandon all plans despite the entire run being sold out.

Nearly two years later, the Alman club will reopen with a much-reduced audience in accordance with agreements made in conjunction with Clacks Council.

Naturally, members are very keen to be back on stage but are aware that everyone needs to feel comfortable and safe in the close environment of the Coach House.

First up will be two one-act plays which have small casts at just three performers, and will last for between 45 and 50 minutes.

The Alman's Gerry Docherty said: “We are both excited and apprehensive about our first performance since lockdown and hope that the two very different one-act plays will prove to be a step towards normality, whatever that will mean.”

The first play is Murray Schisgal’s comedy The Pushcart Peddlers and the second is Brian Friel’s The Yalta Game.

Both are very exciting productions which will remind audiences of the diversity of Alman productions over the years.

New artistic director Jim Allan directs Alan Boyd, Sam Mackenzie and Brian Tripney in the Pushcart Peddlars, a tale of innocence and misunderstanding in the early 1900s where immigrants were vulnerable to various scams.

Gerry Docherty directs The Yalta Game, the second play, written by Brian Friel after a short story by Chekov.

Here the comedy and romantic come together with George Marcinkiewicz, Lesley Drury and Brian Smith in a play which won many accolades for Brian Friel.

As a thank you to the generous supports of the Alman, ticket prices have been set very low and those planning to come are advised to buy tickets soon.

The play will run from Saturday, November 27 until Thursday, December 2.

Visit to purchase tickets.