A CLACKS nursery recently received recognition for their part in the fight against climate change.

Flying Start in Sauchie achieved their first Green Flag after incorporating recycling into the youngsters' learning programme.

A Green Flag, from Keep Scotland Beautiful, is a visible indication of a school's commitment to Learning for Sustainability and an internationally recognised accreditation for excellence in sustainable education.

Hannah Mullen, the nursery's eco schools coordinator, said: "We had been looking at a recycling topic within the nursery and the kids were doing a wee learning experience with different materials that could be recycled and different areas we could take them to in the community to recycle different materials.

"While I was doing some research I came across the Keep Scotland Beautiful website and I thought we could apply to become an eco school.

"I saw that if you completed the whole journey you could receive a Green Flag award so that's where our journey started."

Despite the project being kickstarted by the older kids, it wasn't long before the youngest also got involved to play their part.

Hannah continued: "[We] started doing it in our pre-school room which is three to five year olds but throughout the journey we found ways that we could incorporate it to all the rooms so even our baby room started doing activities towards our achievement.

"Because it was part of learning experience we were already doing, they were able to take it further and expand it through learning.

"One of our favourite things to do is go out into the local community and pick up litter and then we would link a numeracy skill to do tally marking to see how much we'd collected.

"Now that we have achieved the Green Flag, we've registered for it again and we're right back at the start ready to do the whole journey again."

Daniel Barrie, education and learning manager with Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: "Congratulations to all at Flying Start Nursery, who have worked so hard to achieve their first Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

"This is a great achievement and one to be very proud of.

"We were particularly impressed the work being done to reduce the amount of litter in and around the grounds, to minimise waste and promote recycling and to ensure that Health and Wellbeing was a key topic for action.

"Keep Scotland Beautiful is committed to supporting all our children and young people to develop the capacities, skills and attributes required to protect our planet for the future."