PEOPLE from the Dollar community came together in person for Remembrance Sunday at the weekend after an enforced absence last year.

The restrictions in place in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic meant those in the Dollar community had to pay their respects on their own as gatherings still were not allowed.

However on Sunday, November 14, residents came together for a memorial service before proceeding to the war memorial to lay wreaths and pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Cathy Gladwin, session clerk at Dollar Parish Church, said: “It was a really well attended short service. We had the deputy lord lieutenant, we had former members of the armed services laying wreaths.

“Wreaths were laid representing every organization in Dollar, including the community council, county council as well as Dollar Academy who provided us with a piper.”

Dollar Academy’s head boy and girl also laid a wreath as a mark of respect as did youngsters from the Dollar Scouts.

Cathy continued: “It was a good turnout, the number of people attending…that was lovely to see.

“It was well, well attended and I think people appreciated being able to do it after not being allowed last year.”

Father Chris Lowdon, reverend at St James the Great Church in Dollar, attended at the war memorial for the service and two minute silence.

People also gathered in the church grounds and around to pay their respects.

He said: “There was a better turnout than usual which possible reflects the two years we’ve had.

“People really needed to get out there and show their respects.

“We had a really good turnout of younger people as well. One thing I always do is get a young person to say those words by Laurence Binyon because the impact of a young person saying those words is quite special.”

Father Lowdon added it’s especially important for young people to be involved.

He continued: “It’s essential they carry it on otherwise humanity will be condemned to make the same mistakes.

"Young people have to learn about their history so they know not to make the same mistakes.”