NEARLY two years after its last production, Dollar Drama Club is set to return to the stage.

No one in the club could predict that the world would turn upside down just a month after Travels with My Aunt, all the way back in February 2020.

The pandemic took hold, however, and the club kept busy with weekly online meetings and events, even recruiting a new member in David Anderson.

After a year and 10 months online, Dollar Drama Club is starting over by presenting a fun evening of short plays and sketches in the Burnside Hall on Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4.

On the bill is A Light Lunch by Bridget Derrett, a sparkling comedy directed by Linda Rice.

It centres on a couple enjoying a meal at their favourite restaurant, talking over memories of past visits.

Catherine Gibson-Poole and David Anderson play the couple, with Stuart Salmon and Damian Sherwood-Johnson ably supporting the main characters.

Also on stage will be a production of Bride Before a Fall by Robert Scott – which promises to be a hilarious farce, directed by Sandra Ballantine.

Audiences will see how lovers Victor, played by Andrew Bawn, and Madelyn, played by Sarah Giblin, are making plans for the future together, although they are not sure what they should do about Victor's wife – played by Elaine Stark.

In addition to the short plays, sketches will be performed by Jane McGill and Stephen Lambert.

Seating at the Burnside Hall will be laid out café style and people are invited to bring their own drinks, glasses and snacks to enjoy.

Dollar Drama Club is hoping for a great turnout to celebrate the return to the stage.

Tickets for the performances, with doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start, are set at £10 per person and can be reserved by emailing or phoning 07795 557 544.