AN ALLOA charity has launched a festive appeal with a touching video on the benefits of animal companionship for older adults.

Loneliness and animal charity Give a Dog a Bone has released its first-ever Christmas advert in a bid to raise awareness in the run up to the holidays.

The good cause, which brings together older adults and rescue pets to tackle both loneliness and animal homelessness, set up its third social hub in Alloa's Liberal Club building just before the pandemic.

The charity has powered through the worst of Covid and managed to keep connections going with the people aged over 60 it supports in the area.

This festive season, Give a Dog a Bone is showcasing how the companionship of an animal can make a difference and tackle isolation among older adults by encouraging daily routines and a renewed sense of purpose.

Louise Russell, charity founder, said: “We know ourselves that pets can help reduce the adverse effects of loneliness for older adults.

“They provide motivation to rise in the morning, a reason to get outside into the fresh air for exercise, and they can provide routine in a day which otherwise might be empty.

“For many of the older adults we support, their pets are the main source of company and affection.”

Proceeds from Give a Dog a Bone's Christmas appeal will go toward support for older adults, who would otherwise face financial barriers, to rehome and adopt a pet.

Money raised will also support the good cause's community spaces, such as the one set up in Alloa in early 2020 or the previously established hubs in Glasgow and Troon.

The community spaces allow people to take advantage of animal companionship even if they are unable to care for a pet at home.

The charity is also delivering an ever evolving programme of free activities so older adults can learn skills and engage with their communities.

With the slogan “help two lives this Christmas”, the appeal allows people to support the cause in a variety of ways, including direct donations or by purchasing gifts.

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