A TULLIBODY barber shop is once again appealing to the community to help bring Christmas presents to those most in need.

Staff at Goodfellas barbers, located in Tron Court, are taking part in the KidsOut Giving Tree appeal for another year.

Colleen Hislop and Lorraine Jack, co-owners, have been collecting for KidsOut for years and are looking to smash their total from the last year.

In 2019 they believe they collected around 500 presents, however in 2020, at the height of the second lockdown, Colleen believed they collected triple that amount.

Colleen told the Advertiser: "The response last year was absolutely amazing.

"Due to Covid, we didn't think we were going to get to do it, but we were determined to do so.

"Last year was brilliant so we're determined to do the same again."

Mairiona McInally-Keir, chief ambassador Scotland for KidsOut, was delighted with the contribution from everyone who gave to Goodfellas' KidsOut appeal last year but stressed this year it's needed more than ever.

She said: "Goodfellas are always absolutely fantastic.

"I said the same last year: we need it more than ever.

"Honestly, I am getting so many referrals. People who were making ends meet last year, that's now being stretched beyond what they can cope with.

"It's hugely needed. In one day I got 599 individual referrals."

A tree is currently located in Goodfellas with a number of tags with present requests on them.

There are no names or personal information but an idea of what to buy for the child, their age and their interests.

Some tags may be asking for colouring books or boards games whilst others may ask for a football or other toys.

A person takes a tag, purchases the gift and then returns the present to Goodfellas.

Colleen and Lorraine will then collect all the gifts and transport them to KidsOut's warehouse in Glasgow.

The gifts will then be given to parents and carers to wrap and give to the children.

"The community's been amazing," Colleen said. "You can get a present for a fiver and that's going to make someone's Christmas."

KidsOut also has a virtual shop where people can purchase specific presents.

Visit kidsout.org.uk/shop for more information.