MORE than 100 hedgehogs currently being cared for in the Wee County are in need of food.

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for help to feed more than 100 hedgehogs currently in the care of its National Wildlife Rescue Centre based in Clackmannanshire.

This comes after the charity announced it had cared for almost 700 hedgehogs from May to August this year.

Hedgehogs arrive for a number of reasons, such as their nests being disturbed or seeming underweight or a bit shaky, which can signal dehydration.

Hedgehogs give birth twice over the warmer months, first around June and again around September time.

The charity is appealing for help to feed these hungry hedgehogs and is asking for non-fish based wet dog or cat food and specialist hedgehog food from Brambles and Spikes.

April Dodds, assistant manager at the National Wildlife Rescue Centre, said: “We still have over 100 hedgehogs in our care.

“It is a concern as we need to get them to a healthy weight to be released back in to the wild before colder weather arrives and they need to go in to hibernation.

“If they don’t reach a suitable weight to be released before winter then they will have to stay with us until the spring or a mild spell.

“Believe it or not, hedgehogs can be fussy eaters so having a few food options is ideal to make sure our hogs are happy.

“When they find what they like, they gobble it right up.

“Wet cat or dog food that is not fish based, Brambles hedgehog food, Spikes meaty feast hedgehog food and Spikes semi-moist hedgehog food would suit our hogs best."

Donations can be handed in to the centre located at Fishcross, FK10 3AN.

People can also donate through the Amazon wishlist at or any other retailer offering delivery.