A CLACKS group took another huge step recently to ensure Wee County kids in need of a Christmas present get one.

Love in a Box Clackmannanshire started their annual appeal for gifts and other donations earlier this year.

The group, founded by in 2012 by Sharon McCafferty and Margaret Douglas, purchased around 100 gifts for those who needed them most in that first year.

This year they have already received more than 600 but are well underway on getting everything ready.

Sharon told the Advertiser: “We’ve got our sponsor money in and our donation from the Alloa Round table so we’ve been buying loads of pyjamas, selection boxes, toothbrushes and sweeties to enable us to start making up the bags.

“We’ve got four schools and nurseries done already.

“Scrub Up, a local business which makes cruelty free toiletries, have donated 350 products too.

“People have been dead helpful, it’s been really, really good.”

Last month the group walked the length of Clacks to raise money, and they had a stall at the Alloa market last weekend.

Sharon continued: “We’re sitting with over 620 requests for kids so we’ve got some bagged up already and we’ve got loads more to do.

“It’s almost like going out to do all the shopping to then get it packaged up but obviously as we’re going we’re still looking for donations.

“It’s just a case of ploughing through it all.”

With so many request coming in, some extra help is coming in soon.

“Some of the ladies from Ludgate Church and other volunteers will be coming to help us at the end of the month to wrap up all the gifts,” Sharon added.

Volunteers have been given times to arrive and do a wrapping session to ensure social distancing is in place and people are kept as safe as possible.

She continued: “We’ve said end of November, beginning of December is the cut-off for donations so that gives us time to get everything distributed.

“Then the guys from the Round Table have said they will come round with a van to collect the bags once they’re completed and deliver them to the schools.

“We’re well on target. Because it’s our 10th year we know what we’re doing.

“Last year was just bonkers because of the Covid restrictions so, whilst we’re still aware of the restrictions, we’ve been able to get our own space to store stuff and go down a couple of nights a week so we’re not doing it all in our houses.”

Visit tinyurl.com/59phtfe5 to make a monetary donation or search Love in a Box Clackmannanshire on Facebook for more information.