A REWARD is being offered for information on a bike stolen in Alloa last week.

Alloa man David Wilson left his home for three hours last Thursday, November 18, to pick up his 17-year-old son from Glasgow.

Upon returning to his home he discovered his son’s Husqvarna FC350 2019 bike had been stolen from his property.

The bike was stolen from a locked shed, leaving David’s son “gutted”.

The Clacks man said: “It’s definitely been planned because my garden’s a nightmare to get around.

“It’s hard enough trying to get the bike in without making a noise or banging something.

“The fact that they’ve got in, got down the steps, burst into the shed, broke the padlock without making any noise…somebody’s knew the garden.”

The bike is David’s son’s “pride and joy” and is used by the teenager to race in competitions.

David is offering a £2,000 cash reward for information leading to the return of the bike.

Anyone with information is urged to contact David on 07977 876898 or call Police Scotland on 101 quoting CF number 0144781121.