A CLACKS quiz night took a turn for the worst when Storm Arwen trapped guests inside a farm.

Polly’s Pantry, found in the Aberdona Gallery building east of Coalsnaughton, hosted its inaugural quiz night on Friday, November 26.

Michael and Polly Watt, the founders of the café and farm shop, were toying with the idea of hosting a night time event in the space and decided on a quiz night.

With just under 40 people in attendance, plus Michael, Polly, other family members who were babysitting the couple’s kids, and their staff, the quiz was almost over with Michael about to ask the last question when the power cut off.

Michael told the Advertiser: “Everyone arrived about 6pm, everything was going great and, when I was just about to ask the last question, the power went off.”

It’s not unusual for the power to cut and then come back on, so Michael didn’t immediately realise something was wrong.

“I thought the kitchen equipment or the heaters may have tripped the electrics,” Michael continued. “The power came back on and then 10 seconds later it went off and didn’t come back on.”

Some people decided to leave and were able to get home safely, but for others it was too late and fallen trees had blocked both roads leading out of the farm.

Michael continued: “About 10pm we realised we were stuck, and thankfully nobody freaked out.

“We had lots of food, everyone was quite happy, we gave out teas, coffees and cakes.

“Between 12am and 1.30am, people started falling asleep and others started wanting to go home.

“Thankfully it never got too cold, we had loads of blankets and candles.”

Gillian Robertson, who was at the quiz with her husband, son and a friend, said it was a night she’ll never forget.

She said: “Michael, my husband, son and some other men went to have a look at moving the trees while Polly and the staff made sure everyone had a hot drink to keep warm.

“We did have a good night and everyone I’ve spoken to all said what a great night they had, even the adventure of walking home.”

Michael, having checked the weather online, realised the storm was meant to calm down around 2am and so he walked from the farm to Coalsnaughton.

With the wind much less intense, Michael phoned to the farm and said he thought it was safe for people to walk, so the customers slowly made their way home and returned to pick their cars up over the weekend once the roads were cleared.

“Polly and Michael made sure we were well looked after while we were waiting,” Gillian added.

“They couldn’t do enough to make sure everyone was comfortable.”

Thankfully the guests were eventually able to make their way home safely in the early hours of the night and returned over the weekend to collect their cars and offer thanks to Michael and Polly for their hospitality.