FUNDING to allow a Clacks community's official takeover at a former civic centre has this week been confirmed.

A total of £287,150 has been awarded to Dollar Community Development Trust (DCDT) by the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) to enable the purchase of The Hive.

It comes after a request to bring the former civic centre into community ownership was approved by Wee County councillors last month, fulfilling a long-standing wish to secure the long-term future of the building.

Following confirmation of the funding, Stephen Roe, chair of Dollar Community Development Trust, said: "Dollar Community Development Trust is delighted to receive the grant we applied for from Scottish Land Fund to purchase the Hive for the whole Dollar community.

"We can now take forward the long-term ideas which we have been developing with the community over the past couple of years grouped around three themes – Caring, Connected Dollar, Sustainable Dollar and Destination Dollar – underpinned now with the security of our own community base.

"The grant total of £287,150 includes £12,000 for ongoing support for running The Hive whilst the remainder of the purchase price will be met from the funds we have built up ourselves."

As highlighted last month, the trust submitted a detailed business plan and financial projections as part of the bid to take the building over under the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) process.

The plans scored high in official assessments and there was no objections by decision makers, who supported the plans on the day.

Stephen added: "Throughout the two years we have been working on this Community Asset Transfer we have had excellent support from the SLF colleagues assigned to help us.

"They have given clear guidance and advice throughout the process.

"They have been very professional and friendly in their approach.

"We are also grateful to Clackmannanshire Council for making the decision to transfer The Hive to community ownership – we now have a tight timescale to complete the process, which must be done by March 31, 2022, and will call again on the support of the council to act swiftly to complete the transaction."

The grant for DCDT is one of 12 being made to groups across Scotland by the SLF in its current round of funding, totalling £2,754,897.

Cara Gillespie, Scottish Land Fund committee chair, said: "From places where people can come together, space to get outdoors and vital facilities such as shops and land for affordable housing, the Scottish Land Fund is once again giving local groups the resources they need in order to strengthen their own communities.

"I would like to congratulate Dollar Community Development Trust on their successful application.

"Community ownership of The Hive will empower local people to deliver new and existing activities that bring people together around an asset that matters most to them."

Earlier last month, DCDT also issued an appeal to Dollar residents who are interested in the development of the community asset to become members at the trust.

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