A WINNING design by a six-year-old Clacks pupil is set to feature on thousands of badges to be awarded to peers around the UK.

Chloe Bacon, who attends Muckhart Primary School, was one of the young designers named as a winner in a competition by charity Living Streets.

She will see her creation turned into collectable badges as part of the good cause's WOW – walk to school challenge.

More than 90,000 young people entered the WOW Badge Design Competition this year, but only nine were named winners by a panel of experts from the Design Council.

The theme for this year was “Walk for the World” with pupils asked to consider the contribution that traffic pollution makes to carbon emissions and to research and draw wildlife or a natural habitat affected by climate change.

Named the winner for December, Chloe said: “I drew an orangutan because I am sad when they get killed.”

Muckhart PS has been running WOW for several years and regularly appears on the Scotland Walk of Fame leader board which showcases schools that are actively encouraging pupils to walk to school.

The WOW scheme sees pupils who walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride to school at least once a week for a month rewarded with recyclable badges.

Winning designs, including Chloe's, will be turned into more than 300,000 badges to be awarded across Scotland, England and Wales.

Stephen Edwards, interim CEO at Living Streets, said: “WOW is a great way to help keep children healthy and happy by encouraging them to be active every day.

“More children walking to school also means fewer cars around the school gates - making them safer and cleaner places.

“We hope this set of WOW badges will help pupils understand that by walking to school they are playing their part in fighting climate change – protecting wildlife and natural habitats for the future.”