A GROUP who gave more than 750 Christmas presents to children in need across the Wee County are already planning for this year’s festivities.

Love in a Box Clackmannanshire collected, stored and donated the gifts to children across Clacks in the run up to Christmas, with some gifts being delivered on Christmas Day.

The group is made up of Sharon McCafferty, Margaret Ure Douglas, Victoria Struthers, Amanda Smith, Marie Smith, Jennie Syme and Lynsay Hill.

Sharon said: “I am immensely proud of [the group] and feel really lucky to be part of this group with them.

“It’s a huge undertaking to strategically complete this task, not to mention the physical efforts.

“We are tired but happy elves.”

Sharon told the Advertiser she believes this year was actually tougher than last year, adding uncontrollable circumstances such as teachers and other important contacts isolating meaning they were unable to give the help they usually would.

“It’s wee things like that,” she added. “It’s nobody’s fault but it was definitely trickier.

“We managed it, we sorted every single name we got it. 100 more than last year which is really good.”

“We’re just dead proud of being part of the group, but it’s not just us.

“It’s the people that have either donated money, gifts or came and wrapped.

“We can only do it if people are willing to come on the journey with us.”

Gift bags for kids include toys but also include essential items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Sharon explained how valuable the contributions from local business have been to their cause.

She said: “For us to buy [more than] 650 toothbrushes and toothpastes would cost about £2,000.

“We were lucky enough to get donations from all over.

“The staff at Tesco covered a whole primary school themselves; that’s amazing, that was just the staff, not even from the store.

“Callum from Pristine Decorating went and bought hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets for teenage kids.

“Without them we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did.”

With another year finished and next Christmas already in the planning stages, Sharon also reflected on how the venture has also been beneficial for the volunteers.

She continued: “We’ve become great pals as well which is lovely, it’s really, really nice.

“There’s people who you see every year [when collecting donations]. There’s a woman who I only see once a year but every year I get a blether with her and a mince pie.

“You get to know people. There’s another woman who I’ve collected from for a few years and I’ve watched her start a family.

“It’s just lovely, you get to know people in the community who you would never have known.”