PARENTS in the Wee County will be encouraged to share their experiences after a good cause teamed up with The Masked Singer.

Charity Home-Start UK, including the Wee County's very own branch, has joined forces with the TV reality singing competition as part of a campaign.

With the help of the show, set to air on ITV, the campaign is seeking to empower parents to take off the mask and talk about the reality of raising children, particularly during the pandemic.

As part of the wider network, staff and volunteers at Home-Start Clackmannanshire are excited to be getting involved.

Shelley Bowman, chief executive officer, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be part of such an exciting campaign with The Masked Singer UK.

“What an amazing platform to be on, sharing quality time on a Saturday evening with family members, enjoying the fun of The Masked Singer, whilst also highlighting such an important message.

“We know parents find it difficult to reach out and be honest about their struggles.

“Home-Start Clackmannanshire has been firmly embedded across communities in Clackmannanshire since 1988, supporting young families who are struggling with daily challenges.

“Through this amazing opportunity with #BehindTheMask we want to encourage parents to share their experiences and let everyone know it's okay to ask for help if they need it."

Home-Start UK has been chosen alongside NSPCC and AdoptionUK as one of three charity partners supported by the Saturday night TV show, which features guesswork, theatrics, singers in disguise and larger than life performances.

The campaign will not only encourage people to speak openly about parenting, but it will also urge viewers to check in with a family member, neighbour, work colleague or friend, to see how they are doing and if they need help.

Parents will be asked to give their honest and unfiltered experiences on social media.

Vivien Waterfield, deputy chief executive at Home-Start UK, added: “We are absolutely delighted to be chosen as one of three charity partners with ITV’s The Masked Singer.

With the support of Bandicoot [production company] and ITV, Home-Start wants to begin a massive online conversation to encourage families who are struggling, for whatever reason, to come out from behind the mask and ask for help if they are going through tough times.

“Research shows parents still feel a huge stigma around asking for help, with nearly half of all UK parents admitting they always or often feel ashamed of asking for support, especially when there are mental health concerns.

“Our new campaign encourages parents and caregivers to share some of the day to day funny, memorable and challenging things which happen to all of us as part of being a parent – with the hashtag #BehindTheMask.”

Parents seeking support in the Wee County can visit or find Home-Start Clackmannanshire on Facebook.