A CLACKS band formed entirely of over 60s walking footballers is proving it is never too late to strike a chord with audiences.

Members of the Wee County country band Walk Don't Run (WDR), half of whom had no prior musical experience at all, are set to head to the studio to record a charity CD following a string of successful performances.

The five-piece, supported by a sound engineer, are all walking footballers at Alloa Athletic.

While some members played instruments many decades ago and have reignited their passion for the craft, others have just amazingly picked one up for the first time.

Since forming just before the pandemic, WDR have been rehearsing twice a week, building up their cover repertoire and even penning their own pieces.

More recently, they have played gigs around the Wee County, supporting Breathe Easy Clackmannanshire, Strathcarron Hospice, Clackmannan Bowling Club, The Gate and soon Maggie's Forth Valley – raising a total of around £2,500.

Band frontman Derek Young, who had enjoyed a solo singer-songwriter career, told the Advertiser: “We've done about eight different gigs since we formed, which is great when you think about how some of the guys haven't really played instruments before.

“It's crazy, they've done really well.”

Indeed, while the band's Drew Clarkson on keyboard and Stuart Morrison behind the drums have played decades ago, most in the band have been working up their skills rapidly

Bassist Alex Todd, for instance, hardly held a guitar in his hands before joining.

Derek said: “He's done a great job; his wife is absolutely gobsmacked that he's managed to – over the two years – learn to play a bass guitar.”

The band, which also includes percussionist and vocalist Alan Bennie along with sound engineer Eddie McInally, came together in a “crazy moment” idea from Derek

They still play walking football together three times a week and Derek added: “It's been great, absolutely great.

“We rehearse twice a week which is another two things to do.

“The youngest in the band is 64 and Stuart and I are over 70.

“Going strong – playing football three times a week and playing in a band – what else can you say, we keep pinching ourselves; they just love to put on their jeans, boots and checked shirts and sing good-old Southern music.”

The band, who received a grant to record a CD which will raise funds for good causes, wanted to thank walking football clubs at Alloa and Tullibody for support.