A MUCKHART man will be overseeing the revamp of Shillinghill's former public toilets.

Andrew Davis was last week welcomed to Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) as communities development officer and will be overseeing the launch of Alloa Hub.

Well-known as a Muckhart resident and community councillor, Andrew has 18 years of experience in supporting communities across Stirling, having previously served as a council officer there.

He will be working closely with Alloa First and will be leading on the recruitment and onboarding of a team of volunteers to help run the facility.

As previously reported, Alloa Hub is set to open early this summer, including toilet provision, give the property a new lease of life as a focal point for active travel and much more.

The hub will feature charging points for e-bikes, host cycle repairs and a Made in Clackmannanshire shop all while promoting the area with visitor information.

The hub, where work is already under way, will also host exhibition spaces for five Clackmannanshire Tapestry panels, which are to be revealed as part of an ongoing project undertaken by volunteers from across the area, supported by CTSI and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Hopes are to create a vibrant, busy space in the heart of Alloa, run as a community benefit society or “ben-com”.

Alloa Hub Ltd has therefore been established and is believed to be the first-ever community share ownership organisation in the Wee County.

Investment is being raised from residents using community shares, which will see people buy shares in the enterprise, becoming part-owners.

It is a time-limited opportunity and anyone is welcome to contribute as a shareholder.

The hub needs to raise around £40,000-50,000 to launch successfully and there will be no ongoing support from the council as it will be operated by and for the community in a unique model.

Shares cost £20 each and people, as well as shareholder groups, may buy up to 250 or £5,000 in value.

An application form for shares is to be shared soon, meanwhile people can visit shop.alloafirst.co.uk to buy them online.