A GROUP of world-class cyclists are encouraging people to stay active and explore the boundaries of the Wee County in a documentary aired last night.

Guinness World Record holder Mark Beaumont joined forces with singlespeed round-the-world cyclist and filmmaker Markus Stitz for the documentary titled Explore Your Boundaries.

The duo were inspired by the desire to create adventures close to home and mapped 24 Scottish council boundary routes to encourage people to stay active, whether cycling or walking, and to inspire adventures that started and finished at their front door.

The documentary captures four adventures in Clackmannanshire, East Lothian and Falkirk last summer as well as Glasgow during COP26.

Mark Beaumont said: “The thing I love about the Explore your Boundaries concept is that it forced us to find routes which we never would have looked for.

“Often it felt like you were in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and yet if I stopped and thought about it, I was only 25 miles from home.

“It's really interesting when you have a project, a journey, which is defined by a route which is not necessarily a trail.

“Straightlining expeditions have always fascinated me, and in a weird way ‘Explore Your Boundaries is like a straightlining expedition, albeit most of them are big circle routes.”

The route along the boundary of Clacks is 79km or 49miles, with the documentary available on YouTube.

Filmmaker Markus Stitz added: “We used the council boundaries to map 24 different gravel routes throughout Scotland.

“From the feedback on social media those routes inspired people to ride their bikes.

“And they motivated us to get this film project off the ground.”

The routes are available on both cyclist's Komoot profiles.

Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwDEAg9s1xo ot catch the Clacks episode.