A WRESTLING club will restart in Tullibody this week after its closure almost two years ago.

Tullibody Wrestling Club will soon begin hosting classes tomorrow, Thursday, March 3 from 7pm until 9pm for people aged 16 and above.

Excitingly, classes will begin on Tuesday, March 22 for eight to 15 year olds.

Both classes will take place at the Tullibody Civic Centre.

Colin Mclaren, who runs the club, is thrilled to see classes finally restarting.

He told the Advertiser: “[I’m] delighted it’s coming back. [It’s] been a long two years.

“I’ve had quite a bit of interest from some of the wrestlers who were there as kids and left. They seem to want to come back as adults.

“To be honest, if you wrestled before I don’t think it ever leaves you.

“We used to have a mixed class of adults and kids. We tended to find we didn’t get many seniors coming so this time around I’ve decided to do a wee experiment to see if we can get seniors on a Thursday and juniors on a Tuesday.”

The club was formed in 2005 and Colin added: “There’s a long history of wrestling in Tullibody. I wrestled as a kid in Tullibody right through the 70s and 80s.”

When Colin left Tullibody he ended up joining, and then eventually taking over, Falkirk Wrestling Club.

It was after taking a group of wrestlers from Tullibody through to Falkirk that the decision was made to start back in the Wee County.

Now he’s delighted for classes to return and hopes it will help people who have become a bit fed up with the rules and restrictions imposed throughout the pandemic.

He continued: “That’ll be a big help to a few people, ourselves included. It’s been a bit boring recently.”

Anyone who is interested in joining the club can contact Colin on 07974428287 for more information.