A FIREWALK is set to take place in the Wee County later this year to raise money for a mental health charity.

Wellbeing Scotland, the charity based in Alloa, are hosting the firewalk at Tullibody's Civic Centre on Saturday, May 14.

Firewalk Scotland are the event facilitators and they have years of experience.

There will be a safety seminar before the event and all participants must take part in the 90 minute training event.

Daniel Rooney, fundraising and marketing manager at Wellbeing Scotland, told the Advertiser: "Optimise Wellness Centre got in touch and they really value the benefits that a firewalk brings.

"We contacted a couple of local community groups for a venue we could use so we were working with another third sector in the area and that's how we agreed on the Tullibody Civic Centre."

The coals will reach around 1,200 degrees and Daniel, who isn't taking part this time but has done one in the past, believes there are huge benefits to take from completing the challenge.

He continued: "I am more than happy to put my feet on those coals if needed.

"The main thing, especially when doing the first one, there's a lot of emotions you go through in the build up.

"There's a 90 minute safety workshop you do beforehand and there's a lot confidence building within that workshop.

"Because you don't know what it's going to feel like, up until you put your feet on the coals there's definitely a feeling of anxiety.

"Once you step on them there's certainly a feeling of triumph."

Daniel added that the process of overcoming the fear or trepidation about stepping onto the coals can be helpful in building confidence in life.

He continued: "Asking people to put their feet on the coals, it's a very, very nerve wracking experience."

The mental barrier of overcoming the fear and beginning the firewalk is a big one and Daniel says previous participants have used it as a vehicle for other challenges in life.

"Using it to conquer that fear and anxiety to walk across those coals…if you can do it then you can do anything."

The safety seminar will begin at 5pm on the day with the firewalk set to start at 7pm.

Anyone who is interested in taking part can contact Optimise Wellness Centre on 01259 763789 or 07398 924956.

Participants must be aged 18 or over and there is a £20 registration fee with a pledge to raise a minimum of £80.

For more information, email optimisewellnesscentre@outlook.com or visit wellbeingscotland.org to learn more about the charity.