A LEGENDARY women's hockey team, who beat England at Wembley 50 years ago, has last week re-assembled in the Wee County to mark the anniversary.

Clackmannan County Ladies' Kit Gow and Elan Borrowman were part of Dr Marie Weir's Scottish women's team who secured a famous 2-1 win over England in 1972.

Members of the team gathered in Dollar last Friday, March 11, to mark exactly 50 years since that magical day.

They later went on to win the Triple Crown unbeaten.

While the game was played 50 years ago, the Wee County's Elan Borrowman still vividly remembers playing at Wembley, in front of some 70,000 people – many of whom were school kids.

Painting a picture of the scene, she told the Advertiser how organisers had to bring in a hooter because players could simply not hear the umpire's whistle over the loud screams.

Borrowman, who was studying PE at college at the time, said: "I was absolutely privileged to be a part of that team, we went on to win the Triple Crown that year, we beat everybody else, unbeaten – it was something special."

The old team came together for lunch last week with players travelling from Paisley, Perth, St Andrews, Lesmahagow, Dumbarton, Galashiels and one even flew in from Spain.

Sadly, coach Dr Marie Weir was absent, having passed away peacefully at home on February 27 at the age of 95.

Paying tribute, Borrowman said: "Marie was absolutely fantastic, very forward thinking, applied a lot of the tactics that you get with football – I mean we are talking 1972 then, she was very much a trailblazer."