A CLACKS farm shop and café celebrated its one year anniversary earlier this month and reflected on what has been a hectic first year.

Polly's Pantry opened in the Aberdona Gallery building, east of Coalsnaughton on March 20 last year.

Opened by married couple Michael and Polly Watt, the farm shop has had a successful first year of business in the Wee County, albeit with some hiccups along the way.

Polly told the Advertiser: "It has been really good, it's had its ups and downs.

"With Covid-19, when we first started we knew it could be wrong timing but I don't think there's any right timing any more.

"It's been good, it's definitely had its hard points: at one point we thought there could be another lockdown or something like that around Christmas time but it worked itself out so it's been good."

As things slowly began to return to normal, the café hosted a quiz night in November last year.

With just under 40 people in attendance, Michael was about to ask the last question when the power cut off.

The cause was Storm Arwen, which also blew trees over onto the road into the farm shop, leaving guests trapped inside with no electricity.

"It's funny...we laugh about it now," Polly said. "We still get a lot of them in now and everyone's so nice about it considering the situation.

"It's weird as well, we obviously live here so at points it was so tempting to go to bed but everyone was nice and it was a laugh, we all make fun of it now.

"There was literally people sleeping on the floor, it was insane.

"Loads of people came back and gave us gifts.

"One person gave us a card with £20 and had a note saying, "£3 for the crisps, £2 for this…and another £4 for when I went downstairs and started stealing some food".

The shop was due to celebrate its anniversary last weekend and had big plans.

However, in typical Polly's Pantry fashion, a few issues cropped up: Michael had kidney stones while staff members were off ill.

Polly continued: "We had a lot more planned but we had a bit of a nightmare.

"We did a lucky dip where people spun the wheel and they always win something. It could be money off, a £5 voucher or a milkshake.

"It was a good laugh and people were so nice, we were really busy so it was great for people to come and support us.

"We couldn't have had [the anniversary] without some issues popping up because it just seems like that's what we're used to."

Reflecting on the past year, Polly said: "It's been amazing, we've felt really welcomed by people. It's been great."

Polly's Pantry is looking for someone to help run the café's kitchen.

Message Polly's Pantry on Facebook for more information.