A CHARITY fighting poverty Forth Valley has argued the UK Government's Spring Statement fails to support those families on the lowest incomes.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak last week announced tax cuts through the rise in National Insurance thresholds, as well as a reduction of fuel duty on petrol and diesel by 5p a litre.

However, those behind the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Forth Valley Debt Centre explained they were "deeply disappointed" that the chancellor did not listen to calls from across the UK to go further.

Fiona Welsh, debt centre manager, said the Spring Statement "does very little to help those on the lowest incomes," despite the chancellors claims that he wants help mitigate rising costs.

She welcomed the change to the National Insurance threshold – said to be worth £6billion and saving around £330 a year for a typical employee from this July – and an extension to the Household Support Fund, but explained other announcements will have "little or no impact".

Fiona added: "We are deeply disappointed that the chancellor didn't listen to calls from across the UK asking for benefits to be uprated by 7 per cent in April.

"Doing this would have provided targeted support to people here in Clackmannanshire on the lowest incomes who are being hit the hardest by the cost of living crisis.

"The chancellor has missed an opportunity here to provide a longer-term fix, ensuring the social security system is linked to the real costs people face.

"Unfortunately, there was so much the chancellor could've done but didn't.

"The announcements today ignored people in the toughest situations – people unable to work because of disability or ill-health, people with caring responsibilities and renters.

"We know that people in Clackmannanshire and the surrounding area are already struggling, many are having to make impossible choices and go without, not even able to afford the essentials."

The Treasury failed to respond to the Advertiser's request for comment.

Delivering the statement last week, the chancellor said: "This statement puts billions back into the pockets of people across the UK and delivers the biggest net cut to personal taxes in over a quarter of a century."

He added: "Cutting taxes means people have immediate help with the rising cost of living, businesses have better conditions to invest and grow tomorrow, and people keep more of what they earn for years to come."

People struggling with debt can visit capscotland.org or call 0800 328 0006.