THE Clackmannanshire South Ward will be another key battleground for the future direction of the council.

The SNP are aiming to pick up two of the four seats once again, with Labour and the Conservatives opting for a single candidate.

Meanwhile, the Greens are also hopeful of picking up a seat, having come close five years ago, with Alba and an independent also on the ballot.

The SNP's Ellen Forson, who served as leader of the council, said: "I have had the privilege as serving as a councillor in Alloa for the last 10 years and my track record speaks for itself. I have engaged with local people and organisations to help build a strong, sustainable future for our local area and to improve life chances and life choices for everyone in Clackmannanshire.

"I was delighted to help secure the £90.2million Clackmannanshire & Stirling City Region Deal which will deliver hundreds of jobs for the local area and see Alloa become the headquarters for Scotland's International Environment Centre (SIEC) and a world leader for research and innovation. If re-elected I will carry on the work already started to locate the SIEC Headquarters in Greenfield House, securing the long-term future of the building

"I am proud to call Alloa my home and want it to be the best place it can be and I am asking for your support to resume the significant work underway to tackle poverty and inequality by attracting investment, jobs and amenities to the area."

Craig Holden, the SNP's other representative for the ward, added: "I have represented Alloa as a councillor for the last 23 years and throughout that time I have worked tirelessly to develop a reputation as one of the hardest working councillors this area has ever had.

"Year on year, I consistently generate more enquiries on behalf of my constituents than any other councillor and work hard to deliver solutions to the problems and issues they face. If people vote for me they will get a hard working councillor.

"If people vote for me they will get an experienced and knowledgeable councillor."

Kenneth Earle, looking to once again represent Labour in the ward, said: "I have been a councillor for 19 years and throughout that time I have dealt with a variety of concerns that have been raised by constituents. I have always been honest and forthright and believe strongly in defending those in the community who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to defend themselves.

"I believe that the community should have a meaningful voice to represent them and that I will continue to be that voice.

"Not only will I will be direct with constituents and call a spade a spade I will explain the reasons that particular decisions have been made.

"I bring a wealth of experience and wisdom that I have accumulated over the years to the table with my involvement in,and contact with, almost all Council and Third Sector committees.

Scottish Greens candidate Bryan Quinn said: "I understand the issues impacting this area. I grew up in the ward, attended Sunnyside primary and Alloa Academy.

"During the campaign I have personally spoken to more than 1,000 people face to face on their doorsteps so far. I understand people's concerns. I work in finance and have the experience to deal with many of the issues the council is facing.

"The biggest issue we have found is the closure of the Leisure Bowl and the proposed £2.2million temporary pool.

"Let me make this clear, a vote for the Greens is a vote to scrap plans for the temporary pool and invest the money into opening permanent facilities as soon as possible.

"I have heard countless stories from council workers about the money wasted at Kilncraigs.

"A top priority for us is to tackle wastage so that workers have resources they need to do their jobs and to free up extra money for improved public services.

"We want to make finances transparent so that people can judge for themselves if they are getting good value for their council tax and the council can be held to account."

Matthew Reilly, representing the Alba party, said: "I want Scotland to be an independent country so that we run our own affairs, eradicate poverty, and know that our neighbours can all put food on their tables, heat their homes and expect a reasonable lifestyle. Scotland is a rich country and all of her people should benefit from those riches.

"My hope is that Clackmannanshire can lead the way in addressing the inequality I have seen all of my life and I will fight for the implementation of Alba's five-point plan: tackling poverty, including free school meals to all primary and secondary children; free sports access to under 18s and for pressure on the Scottish Government to increase the child payment to £40 per child per week.

"The misconduct in office of the Tories at Westminster has no place in politics – I hope we can make Clackmannanshire a Tory-free zone."

Will Marlin is looking to win representation for the Conservatives. He said: "I would just like the opportunity to help local people and try to make a difference, I think everyone who needs help or has a question in Clacks South Ward has the right to be heard and I would really like the opportunity to be that person.

"As the local candidate for Clackmannanshire South Ward, I am truly passionate about the area we live in.

"If I am elected I will be a new councillor, but I will listen, I will learn and I work very hard.

"I will be committed to ensuring continued improvements across the Clackmannanshire South Ward and protecting our shared sense of local community and the services we rely on. If the people trust me with their vote, I will uphold the Conservative Group promise made in 2017 that if it is good for the county and people of Clackmannanshire, then I will support it."

Hugh van Lierop, the independent candidate for the ward, spoke of a seven-point plan when contacted for comment.

This includes no more rubbish collections in the town centre after 8am and the removal of industrial waste bins in town centre.

He also states that the streets in Alloa town centre are to be cleaned before 8.30am.

The candidate is also calling for new primary schools in Alloa South, as well as more single housing for Alloa and "less forcing people into private rentals especially OAPs, disabled people and single men".

He also hit out the "many decisions made by this council which have wasted millions" – referring to the swimming baths, police station and public toilets.

He also made a pledge to attend the town hall hustings and for the "head of the council's housing debt be sacked".