A TRISHAW ride saw the Easter Bunny and a chick being pedalled around the streets of Clackmannan to delight children earlier this month.

The spectacle was part of Clackmannan Development Trust's Easter fun programme two weeks ago and was hailed a great success with many happy children and adults.

Following the ride around town, courtesy of Cycling Without Age Clacks, the trust held an Easter egg hunt starting in the community garden with eight codes placed around the town for children to crack.

Jenni Bone, vice chair at Clackmannan Development Trust, told the Advertiser: “It was an absolutely brilliant event, there were so many excited kids, but so many excited adults as well.

“When we were getting pedalled around the village, all the cars were tooting and waving as well – the kids had an amazing time.”

The vice chair wanted to thank Henry Gill of Cycling Without Age Clacks who enthusiastically took on the role of the trishaw pilot.

Jenni added: “Henry stood in at the last minute [due to an illness] – he had actually done a 30mile cycle that morning when he came home to find the message.

“And then he pedalled us all around the village as well, it was incredible.”