A TULLIBODY man who used a personal tragedy to kickstart his writing career is celebrating the release of his latest book.

Don Green, who writes under the pseudonym Don Galloway, recently released Time-Ryder: Progenitor.

It’s the sixth book in a series the author is writing and is a mix of sci-fi, action and comedy about the crash and rescue of a spacecraft that affects the lives of those sent on the rescue mission.

Don, who works in a local supermarket and has been the resident DJ at the Star in Alloa, has been writing for more than 20 years after his father’s love of books sparked an interest in him.

However, it wasn’t until the aftermath of his mother passing away that his hobby turned into something more serious and he published his first novel in 2013.

Don told the Advertiser: “It’s been about 20 years. My first book came out in 2013 and the ideas have been in my head for all these years.

“I just finally got the gumption to get it together and get it sorted and it just kind of spiralled from there.”

Reflecting on how he finally got serious about his writing career, Don said: “My mum had just passed away.

“That kind of gave me a wee kick and makes you wish she was here to see it. That spurred me on.

“[Also], in my previous job I’d been doing writing on my breaks and old colleagues would ask me if I was still writing.

“That spurred me on as well.

“It’s went haywire; I’ve got about 50 books planned. It was only meant to be a 10-book series but it’s all spiralled out of control.”

Don, who has loved books since he was a young boy, fell in love with reading through his father who was an avid reader, especially books by Scots writer Alistair MacLean and American author Clive Cussler.

His first book is about a pair of archaeologists who find a mystical silver orb while in a castle in Scotland. The orb takes them into the future where there are a number of murders taking place and they partner up with a team to find the killer.

“That’s the premise of the first book,” Don continued. “Each book it’s the same group of people but they’re going through different things.”

For Don, the pride that hits him when seeing his finished work is unrivalled.

He said: “The feeling of seeing the words on the page, holding the book in your hand and saying: 'I did that'...it’s an accomplishment.

“The fact that each book is a stepping stone to the next one means it could be never-ending.”

Visit tinyurl.com/2nkt5454 to purchase Don’s latest book and few his other work.