GOING to work "is never a chore" for an Alloa woman who recently celebrated 25 years of service to Morrisons.

Jayne Lindfield reached the milestone last month after a quarter century of working with the supermarket.

Initially joining the company at their Dumbarton store, Jayne relocated to the Alloa branch 15 years ago.

However, it was a little more than two years ago, just before the Covid-19 pandemic began, that Jayne became the community champion for the store and began a journey of fundraising for good causes that is showing no sign of slowing down.

She told the Advertiser: "The job came up and I just thought I'd really love to do it.

"I love giving away presents. I'm not very good at receiving presents but I love giving things out. I thought I'd quite like it and I liked the idea of a challenge with the fundraising."

Despite starting the role at the beginning of a pandemic, which caused people all across the world to rethink their daily lives, Jayne has been blown away by the generosity of people in the area.

"We've done really, really well," she said. "Alloa's a great wee town for fundraising.

"I say this all the time: the amount we've raised for a wee store is brilliant.

"Once I started and everyone got used to me being there, everyone just supports me.

"Some of the older ladies that were coming in throughout the pandemic, when they had no money, they'd say to me they'd put a couple of pounds in their pocket just in case I was doing anything."

Despite numerous fundraising ventures, Jayne does so much more for the community.

In the midst of the pandemic, she treated NHS vaccination staff to some ice cream as they braved the summer heat in 2021.

Last year, in December alone she raised more than £900 for charity, donated toys to Home Start UK and Alva Development Trust and made grab bags for Wee County community groups.

She also went out her way to visit a member of the public who was shielding from Covid-19 but always wanted to meet her.

For Jayne, she's never been happier at her work than she has been in the last two years and now has her eyes set on the 30-year milestone.

Reflecting on her 25 years, she said: "I've made so many good friends over the years. Good, good friends that I've still got.

"I'm just easy going, I'm enjoying my time with Morrisons and I've loved the last two years more than any others.

"It's never a chore for me to go to work."

Alan Garai, store manager of Morrisons Alloa, said: "Two years ago Jayne also took up the position of community champion.

"Since then she's been working hard with local charities, food banks, schools, nursing homes and hospitals, raising thousands of pounds for good causes with the help of our colleagues and customers.

"And during Covid she really went the extra mile to help. It's an absolute joy to see her love her role so much.

"Jayne is very well liked and respected.

"She's got a great sense of humor, great work attitude and she's a fantastic team player.

"We're very proud of her."