AN ALLOA man's dangerous driving caused a collision when he ignored road markings not to overtake.

John Keenan caused a serious crash which resulted in two women being injured and his “exceptional recklessness” could have had “catastrophic” repercussions, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard.

Keenan, 47, of Lewis Court, admitted that on May 19 last year, on the A985 Rosyth to Crombie road at the junction with Waggon Road, he drove his car dangerously.

He caused it to cross on to the opposing carriageway across solid white lines to overtake vehicles when it was not safe to do so.

His car then collided with another vehicle, which was turning right, causing injury to the female driver of that car and to a woman in his vehicle.

Depute fiscal Sean Maher said the two women were taken to hospital after the collision and later discharged.

One had grazes and cuts while the other suffered whiplash injuries.

Both vehicles were damaged extensively with Keenan’s car ending up in a field.

Defence solicitor Calum Harris said his client’s position was that he had been distracted by a passenger who began acting erratically because of mental health issues and was trying to open a door.

Sheriff Robert More said that story was not consistent with Keenan overtaking over solid white lines and crashing into a car.

The sheriff told Keenan he could have “obliterated” any vehicle coming in the opposite direction and his driving was an act of “exceptional recklessness”.

He continued: “It was only by the grace of god nobody was the victim in a far more serious way. It was pure good fortune as the results could have been catastrophic.”

The sheriff imposed a restriction of liberty order for 72 days and banned Keenan from driving for two years and until he passes the extended test.