AN EXTRA special night took place recently in the Wee County as HappyDays performed their Summer variety show.

HappyDays Performing Arts, founded by Shelby Struthers, performed their Summer Jam show on Saturday, April 30 at Alva Academy.

Shelby told the Advertiser: “It was great. It went really well, they always go well.

“It was an extra special one because I’m going off to have the baby and we also have one of the members having a 70th birthday in June so we all sang happy birthday to her.

“She was just loving life; it was a really good atmosphere.”

The performance featured lots of different songs from different decades, singing and solo dancing as well as group performances.

Throughout lockdown, Shelby hosted online classes and even prepared for shows with restrictions still in place. This time rehearsals were a lot easier.

“So much better,” Shelby continued. “So much easier. It was like normal, everyone was able to come to rehearsal, there was no last minute stress.

“They’ve been working on it since February. They all managed to learn three dances each.”

Shelby was thrilled to hear the crowd could see a visible progression in the performers but insisted that’s not the main aim.

She said: “What the audience members have been saying is it’s so nice to see the progression in people, from the first show to now there’s a massive difference.

“It’s about the socialisation and getting on the stage to perform is a huge achievement so it was nice to hear people can see them get more confident as the shows go on.”

Asked if that was more important than the performances, Shelby said: “Totally. Just seeing them up there having fun, being confident is the best feeling ever.

“It reflects on the audience because they can see them loving it too.

“HappyDays isn’t about getting the perfect dance moves, it’s about the socialisation, growing in confidence and making friends.”

For now, Shelby will be taking some time away as she prepares for the arrival of her baby with her partner Adam.

She continued: “It’s actually flew in. I can’t believe we’re having the baby in five weeks because it’s just been show, show, show.

“It’s been a nice distraction and a really positive first half of the year.”

HappyDays will be off for the summer with Shelby on maternity leave but will be back later in the year for their Christmas show.

There are hopes of pop-up classes for new and existing members throughout the Summer.

Find HappyDays Performing Arts on Facebook for more information.