STIRLING will welcome the award-winning Broken Chanter for a "bold, thrilling and hopeful" show later this week.

Fresh from tour dates around Scotland and England, including a sold-out night in Glasgow, the much-heralded act arrives at the Tolbooth on Saturday, May 14.

Broken Chanter is the adopted name of David MacGregor who was the principal songwriter of the successful Kid Canaveral, which disbanded a few years ago.

Branching out with his new venture, MacGregor released two LPs under the Broken Chanter moniker, including 2021's Catastrophe Hits which won The Weekender's Album of the Year award.

The release also reached #7 in the Scottish Album Charts and #16 in the UK Indie Charts.

MacGregor played a broadcast show at the Tolbooth during lockdown but is eager to return and play for a live audience this time around.

He said: "It was great getting back out on the road again after Covid. It's just such a life-affirming experience, being back on stage with the band.

"I've never played in Stirling before, somehow. It's so strange considering I've been playing gigs for over a decade. Not sure how that's happened.

"We did play the Tolbooth live session during the pandemic, but there was no audience so I'm not sure that really counts. But I love the Tolbooth as a venue and love going to see gigs there, so I am delighted to finally be able to play to an audience there."

MacGregor continued: "It should be a great show. We'd love to see as many Stirling people as possible come out – as well as those heading over from Clackmannanshire and Falkirk. We can't wait to get into the Tolbooth and entertain everyone."

On the feedback to Catastrophe Hits, he added: "I am absolutely delighted with the response the record had since its release. Obviously, with Brexit and Covid, there is a delay for vinyl – but that meant that the album charted a couple of months ago.

"To see the album in the top 10 of the Scottish charts and the top 30 of the UK Physical Sales Chart was pretty mind-blowing.

"It's good to know that there are people out there who are still willing to buy physical records and not just stream. It is so welcome and so encouraging."

Broken Chanter will be supported at The Tolbooth by Adam Ross on Saturday, May 14, for a show dubbed "bold, thrilling and hopeful" by organisers.

Tickets are on sale now at at a cost of £11-12.