THE Conservatives lost two seats at last week's election, but say they will continue to work for the benefit of all in Clackmannanshire.

After the count, the party was left with three elected members in the form of Denis Coyne, Martha Benny and Darren Lee.

All three had served previously, with Cllr Benny and Cllr Lee voted in following the last council election, with Cllr Coyne winning a by-election in 2020.

Cllr Coyne, speaking at the count for the group, also issued a nod of thanks and congratulated all who have been elected.

He added: “I think politics should go out the window from this point onwards and we work as a single council, in harmony for the benefit of all.”

Speaking to the Advertiser, fellow group member Martha Benny said: “Obviously, something was wrong and that's why we've only got three councillors now, which is a shame because the other three guys were very strong and they would have done a lot.

“But that's not to say that we are not going to keep on doing what we've done for the last five years: if it's good for Clackmannanshire, we will support it – we've always said that, right from when Bill Mason was there and we will continue to say that.

“I don't think politics plays a part in the chamber; I think it needs to be everybody singing from the same hymn sheet, and we've had that for the last couple of years.”