THE Wee County elected its very first Scottish Greens councillor last week.

Bryan Quinn was successful for the party in a closely-contested Clackmannanshire South Ward.

Speaking at the declaration of results, he issued a nod of thanks to the party's team who “put in one hell of a shift and wore out many pairs of shoes in the process”.

He added: “We'd like to thank every single person who turned up and put the number one next to a Green candidate right across Clackmannanshire, sending a message that they want action on the climate emergency, that they want change, that they want councillors they feel will listen to them, represent them on the things they care about.”

Having narrowly missed out in 2017, Bryan was delighted with a successful campaign this time around.

He told the Advertiser following the declaration: “It was really close the last time and we were quite disappointed, but we made up for it this time.

“A lot of people from last time who we spoke to still felt the same as they did five years ago, even more so, that they wanted change on the council. They didn't feel like they were listened to, they didn't have their views heard – that's why they voted for us.”

Bryan, who went from door-to-door during his campaign, explained he is looking to take action around sports facilities, Greenfield House and more.

He said: “That's what we are looking to give people: a hard-working councillor who they can turn to, who's going to listen to them, who's going to take their concerns seriously and make sure their voice is heard on the council.”

The Wee County's first Scottish Green councillor added: “I just want to say thank you to everyone in Clackmannanshire who voted for the Scottish Green candidates.

“If you vote Green you get green, it does make a difference and we are there to deliver for you.”

Mark Ruskell, Green MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife congratulated Cllr Quinn and said: “It was an incredible breakthrough for Bryan Quinn based on sheer determination and hard work around the doors over the last five years.

“He’s going to be an incredible asset for the council and his constituents. I’m really looking forward to working with Bryan as a team in the months and years ahead, tackling the issues that affect people across Clacks.”