AN ALLOA couple who work at Edinburgh Airport are temporarily fostering a dog after stepping in to help a passenger.

Husband and wife Jamie and Anna Thompson arrived at they airport earlier this month expecting another regular day.

However, when passenger Samuele Bosi arrived hoping to board a flight to Milan with Buppa, his eight-year-old pug, he was told the animal wouldn't be able to fly for health reasons and fears around how the air pressure could impact its breathing.

Aware Samuele was required in Italy for a family emergency, Anna stepped in to save the day – offering Buppa a home so the owner could fly to see his family and from there arrange some suitable transport for the dog.

Buppa has been lodging with Anna and Jamie at their house in the Wee County since Thursday, May 5, and appears to have wasted no time in settling in.

Jamie, who works in airside support, said: "If you were to say he's taken up part of the couch you'd be wrong, he hasn't. He's taken up the whole thing.

"We went and got him a bed, some nice food, and a few other bits and pieces.

"We've only had him a couple of weeks but we've gotten into a bit of a routine.

"Anna and I both work shifts at the airport, but my son is home from university at the moment so there's always someone at home with him."

Jamie says the owner is still trying to find a practical way to transport the pet across the continent, but he and Anna are in no rush to send Buppa packing.

He added: "His owner is still trying to sort out transport for him.

"He sends us videos of him speaking in Italian and asks us to show Buppa, so he's still getting some contact with the dog.

"It's clear he's well looked after. We don't have any dogs ourselves but we're quite enjoying having him around the house. He's a great wee dog.

"It's a credit to Anna really that she stepped forward to help in this situation. It's just nice to show a wee bit of kindness really."

Samuele says he has no idea what he would've done without the help of Anna and Jamie.

He said: "I don't know how I can ever thank them enough.

"The dog is my best friend, my brother – he is like a son to me.

"When I was at the airport I was really stressed. I had phoned maybe six or seven friends to ask if they can help but nobody was able to. When Anna said she can take him I was shocked. I don't know anyone else who would have offered that.

"For me it was such a stressful situation, and for her to just step in and sort it out was amazing really."