AN SNP administration was confirmed for Clackmannanshire Council this week as newly-elected councillors gathered at Kilncraigs.

The meeting, on Wednesday, May 25, was the first face-to-face affair since the pandemic with representatives appointing various roles.

As previously reported, elected members were asked to confirm a change to the role and duties of provost with the chamber in agreement on the day.

The role has been split into two areas to cover administrative and civic duties, the former now being the remit of the newly-established convener of the council.

Following a vote, Cllr Phil Fairlie was selected as convener and chaired the rest of the meeting, he and deputy convener Cllr Craig Holden will have the casting vote in case of a tie.

Earlier this month, the Wee County elected nine SNP, five Labour, three Conservative and for the first time, a Green councillor across the five wards.

With exactly half of the 18 seats, the SNP was able to form a minority administration with the casting vote, therefore, on their side if required.

Cllr Fairlie said he was “humbled and delighted” to take up the role and hopes to be an inclusive convener, allowing all to have a say.

He also spoke of the cross-party working that has seen all corners of the chamber come together in previous years, saying he hoped it will be something that continues.

Cllr Donald Balsillie was confirmed as provost and Cllr Holden will also serve as deputy provost.

Their key role will be to represent the area on civic and ceremonial occasions, hosting events, raising and promoting the profile of Clackmannanshire.

Cllr Ellen Forson was selected as council leader, having held the post in the previous cycle.

Her deputy will be Cllr Graham Lindsay, who was also selected as spokesperson for education.

Following the meeting, the council leader said: “I’m honoured to be elected as leader of Clackmannanshire Council for another term.

"Together we can build on the firm foundations and effective cross-party working of the last administrative term to bring forward key projects that will make a difference to the people of Clackmannanshire.”

Cllr Holden will also be the spokesperson for partnership, third sector and digital strategy, while Cllr Jane McTaggart will be spokesperson for housing and property.

All representing their wards for the first time, Cllrs Wendy Hamilton, Scott Harrison and Fiona Law also took up spokespeople duties.

Cllr Hamilton was named as spokesperson for health and social care; Cllr Harrison will be spokesperson for sport, leisure and active living; while Cllr Law was named as spokesperson for environment and net zero.

The Audit and Scrutiny, Planning, as well as the Regulatory committees will be chaired by members of the opposition – Cllrs Kenny Earle, Denis Coyne and Martha Benny respectively.

There were several other appointments for outside bodies as well, such as the City Region Deal Joint Committee and eight members were selected to form the Licensing Board.