A SAUCHIE teenager who beat cancer has been gifted an e-bike to help him cycle again.

Bernie liff was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer as a youngster and was given a one in 10 chance of surviving.

The 16-year-old was able to get through his treatment with the support of his family and friends and went on to join Vital Spark Racing, a community interest company (CIC) launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Started by John Young, Vital Spark aims to help disadvantaged young adults by refurbishing powerboats to teach them transferable skills.

John told the Advertiser: “When Bernie started with us, he told me he used to ride a bike but because of lack of strength in his legs, he had to give it up.

“He also told me that he was told to be in a wheelchair, but he felt if he did that his legs would just wither away.

“That was what gave me idea that an e-bike would be perfect for him.”

The students of Vital Spark have been building the e-bike for the past couple of months and presented it to Bernie last Friday, May 27 at their workshop in Alloa.

John continued: “A group of eight people who come in on a Friday and I done an induction with each of them.

“Wee Bernie really pulled on my heartstrings in that he had suffered with cancer as a very, very young boy.

“He used to like cycling and he had to give it up as his legs weren’t strong enough.

“That really tugged at me and I thought perhaps an electric bike giving him pedal assistance would get him back into riding a bike.

“We’re teaching the kids to produce e-bikes and so we got them to build a bike to give to Bernie.”

John continued: “I thought that what we’re doing for Bernie was absolutely perfect to show our appreciation of the young guy’s determination to get through what was such a bad start he had.

“Bernie’s an inspiration to young people here in Clackmannanshire.

“As an old man I just couldn’t help but be motivated by how strong the will is of this young boy.”

The whole bike is brand new and John purchased two frames – a red one and a white one – to give Bernie the colour he wants.

For the young people learning at Vital Spark, not only have they helped build a bike for Bernie but they’ve been learning skills and educating themselves to prepare for the future.

John added: “I couldn’t ask for anything better. I don’t receive any money for what I do in this and the whole thing that keeps me going is seeing what I can do for young folks in Clackmannanshire.

“Every single person that we’ve had has bettered themselves and gone on to become fully employed or gone to college to study a HND.”

Visit vital-spark.org/ for more information.