IN JUST a few weeks’ time, Voodoos will stroll onto the stage in the middle of Dundee in front of thousands of people.

It will be another landmark moment for the quintet who have support slots for DMA's and a TRNSMT set on their list of recent milestones.

This time, they kickstart festivities at Slessor Gardens, ahead of performances from Stereophonics, Jake Bugg and Circa Waves.

A huge opportunity for the band, and one they will be grabbing with both hands come June 12.

Piero Marcuccilli, the band's frontman, recalls the moment the offer came in and the subsequent rearranging of plans to accommodate.

"It totally came out of the blue," he tells The Weekender. "I was getting into my car and got an email through to say here's a gig with the Stereophonics. First thought was: 'Oh my god, I can't believe that'.

"We actually had a holiday booked – three of us were going to Berlin that weekend, so we've had to cancel that. Gutted but it's such a massive gig and such a great opportunity with a bunch of our favourite bands. Anyone looking for some flights to Berlin, we've got some to sell.

"Support shows like this is something we have been looking to do for a while. We played with DMA's recently, which was amazing, so we wanted to do a little more of that this year. We wanted those really worthwhile support slots that might bring in a lot of new fans.

"To get Stereophonics is just massive for us. I don't think we've even been that close to a stage that big [at Dundee Sessions], so to be standing on one will be absolutely ridiculous.

"This will be, by far, the biggest gig we have played before," he adds. "Gig capacity, the size of the stage, the bands on the bill – pretty much everything – our biggest show."

Dundee Sessions is a brand new event to the Scottish music calendar, with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds playing on Saturday, June 11, along with Inhaler and Dylan John Thomas.

The following night, Stereophonics take to the stage with thousands expected to turn out in Dundee City Centre.

The scale of the show is not lost on Marcuccilli who was able to witness the Stereophonics first-hand earlier this year.

And the opportunity to learn from some of the UK's biggest touring acts is not one they are looking to pass up.

The singer continues: "I actually worked as a steward at their gig at The Hydro earlier this year and I remember just thinking: 'Aye, this is class'.

"I'm not a Stereophonics superfan; I do like a lot of their tunes, and I have a lot of respect for them. But I was standing and watching their gig and I was able to see just how big a band they are.

"And it's the full line-up for this gig is just brilliant. Jake Bugg and Circa Waves – growing up, they were both artists I would listen to a lot.

"All the bands are seasoned musicians. Legends of the game. We're hopefully looking to pick up a few pointers from them on the day."

Catch Voodoos supporting Stereophonics, Jake Bugg and Circa Waves at Dundee Sessions on Sunday, June 12.

Tickets for the day, as well as the Noel Gallagher gig on the Saturday, are available online now at