AN ALLOA man who stalked a pub employee for more than two years has been jailed.

Peter Hamill, 62, was barred from two separate places where the young woman worked but continued with his disturbing behaviour.

He admitted that between December 2, 2019, and January 21, this year, at the Bobbing John, the Old Brewery Bar, and elsewhere, he engaged in a course of conduct that caused fear and alarm.

He repeatedly attended at the woman's places of work, repeatedly attempted to engage her in conversation, repeatedly offered her money, repeatedly offered to purchase alcohol for her, repeatedly complimented her and repeatedly asked to go on dates with her.

Hamill continually called her places of work and asked to speak with her. He then attended a place of work despite having been banned from entering there and he sent her birthday gifts.

He added her as a friend on Facebook, repeatedly messaged her on social media despite being asked to stop and he asked to go on dates with her and offered her money.

He also monitored her and loitered next to her car, approached her, stated he had waited for her, complimented her appearance, stated he knew where she was currently working and offered to take her out for a meal.

Depute fiscal Ann Orr said the victim had started working in the Bobbing John at the end of 2019 when she was 21.

The depute went on: "She became fearful and stressed and told the bar manager who then watched Hamill continue with this behaviour and he was eventually barred."

Hamill then started to repeatedly phone the pub, wanting to speak to the woman.

In March 2020 she began working in the Old Brewery only for Hamill to attend there as well. He was later barred after continuing with the same course of behaviour.

He repeatedly phoned the bar, with staff later ignoring the calls after beginning to recognise his number.

On one occasion, the woman had gone for a sunbed session in Alloa and when she went back to her car, Hamill was standing next to it.

"He said he'd been waiting for her," said the prosecutor.

Hamill, of Lomond Street, appeared in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday, June 9.

Defence solicitor Brian Black said his client had physical and mental health problems.

"These health difficulties seem to be alcohol related," commented Sheriff Neil Bowie.

The sheriff then told Hamill: "You don't seem to appreciate that your conduct was not only unacceptable but would have caused considerable alarm and distress."

He jailed Hamill for 230 days and imposed a seven-year non-harassment order.