CALLS are being made for traffic calming measures to be introduced in a Wee County village where motorists are said to be ignoring a zebra crossing.

Concerns have been raised over traffic issues on Alexandra Street in Devonside, where residents claim motorists rarely slow down at the zebra crossing or are even overtaking.

The crossing is on a route towards Coalsnaughton PS and residents last week spoke out over past incidents and recent near-misses.

Graham Esson, a resident who has contacted the council over the issue, told the Advertiser: "At the zebra crossing it appears to be getting more dangerous. It's on the route to the primary school.

"Someone was hit by a car a little while ago. Fortunately they were okay.

"My neighbour was almost hit by a car on the zebra crossing.

"It is not unusual for cars not to stop or actually overtake on the crossing."

He believes a 20mph speed limit along the stretch could make a difference, and added: "It doesn't mean people would go slower but there's a better chance."

Concerns have also been raised over the state of the tarmac and road markings with Clackmannanshire Council confirming the crossing is due to be repainted.

A council spokesperson said: "We take road safety seriously and the zebra crossing at Alexandra Street in Devonside is scheduled to be repainted before the end of August.

"We actively encourage anyone driving on this stretch of road to follow the road and speed signs, along with the highway code, slowing down when approaching the zebra crossing and giving way to anyone on the crossing."

MSP Alexander Stewart visited the area last week, explaining the residents have "genuine and serious safety concerns".

The Mid Scotland and Fife representative said: "There is a clear and present need for traffic calming measures in the village and even for speed reductions to be put in place here.

"They told me that cars rarely slow down at the zebra crossing and I have witnessed this today.

"The road markings and the state of the tarmac are also in serious decay, plus the road appears to be on an adverse camber.

"I believe also that a youngster has already been hit at this crossing and the whole situation looks just like another accident is waiting to happen."

Mr Stewart added he will be working with Cllr Martha Benny to "persuade Clackmannanshire Council to do something about all this at the earliest opportunity".