MORE strikes could be in the pipeline at Alloa's glassworks and the quarry supplying the plant.

Members of the Unite trade union walked out at the Devilla Forest Quarry and the O-I Glassworks site in Alloa last week in a dispute over pay.

Responding to the Advertiser, a trade union spokesperson confirmed the strikes last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday went ahead as planned and “there are more in the pipeline”.

There are no confirmed dates yet, as the union will need to give two weeks' notice for further strike action.

The strikes began with 24 hours of action at the quarry on June 15, followed by a 48-hour strike at the Alloa plant.

Workers from the company's plant in Edinburgh Way, Harlow, also joined in, staging a 48-hour walk out from Sunday, June 19.

In total, more than 160 members of Unite took part, rejecting a pay offer of four per cent amid a cost of living crisis and the real inflation rate jumping to more than 11 per cent.

The union also pointed to the company's quarterly results released in March this year, showing significant growth in both revenue and net income.

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary, said ahead of the strikes: “O-I Glass is another shameful example of a business that can afford to pay a decent wage but won’t pay. The offer on the table is a pay cut, not a rise, and is entirely unacceptable.

“O-I Glass needs to return with an acceptable offer or face strike action by our members, who will have the full support of their union in this fight for fair pay.”

A spokesperson for O-I explained to the Advertiser this week that the company will continue to discuss the matter internally between the trade union and management in a bid to come to a constructive solution.

They said ahead of the strike: “In a difficult business environment overall, O-I offers well-paid jobs in a critical industry producing the most sustainable rigid packaging.

“In view of increasing energy and raw material costs as well as uncertainty in the energy markets, we have made a very appropriate and reasonable offer to the union.”